Collection of weird ephemera from 2004-2016


Image of Collection of weird ephemera from 2004-2016

I've flat packed a bunch of printed ephemera I've produced over the years including, fake boxed products, zines, stickers, fake junk mail catalogues, posters, flyers, temporary tattoos all under the auspice of 'art'.

"Power" from 2016 - large cardboard product box containing A1 'Power' colour poster, 'All adults are paper tigers' A6 colour zine, 'Gateway behaviours' handy guide card with stickers.
"Invisible" small printed box with embossed packaging waste 'fossils' inside. 2014
"Press Firm" small printed box with Scott Morrison flag temporary tattoo. 2014
"Stuff" fake junk mail catalogue from 2012 - delivered to Canberra homes.
Flag waving A6 postcard 2008?
Various 'Consumer Sedation Committee' flyers from 2004/3
"Public approval" Tony Abbott sticker 2014
"The desired effect" A7 zine 2014
+ anything else I can dig out from the archives.

Postage is included to any Australian address.